I founded Parfait in 2009 with the goal of offering Seattle true, made-from-scratch ice cream.  As a trained pastry-chef, I worked to bring the same culinary integrity to my ice cream that you would expect from a high-end bakery.  I lived in France for a while, and hoped my venture could impart a bit of French sensibility for fine food.  I also strove to make my ice cream absolutely perfect. Hence, the name Parfait.


My son was born the same year that I launched Parfait, and because I wished for both my boy and my business to grow up healthy, I committed to cooking with real food and keeping industrial stabilizers and short-cuts out of my ice cream.  


Over time, I have continued to improve and refine my ice cream because, well, perfection is a journey, not a destination.  Along the way, Parfait has progressed from a darling ice cream truck to a stunning shop, a certified creamery, and a cornerstone of the neighborhood where I live.  I have also grown my wholesale  business to markets and restaurants so that I can share my creations with an even larger audience of people who value taste and quality.  


I go a step above most ice cream businesses to make and pasteurize my own ice cream base, because homemade ice cream doesn't start with a pre-fab mix.  And because, when all is said and done, food made-from-scratch always tastes best.



--Adria Shimada


mother, baker, ice cream maker

The creamery shop is currently open to the public on select days and times for pickup only. 

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