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At Parfait, we make everything (down to our sprinkes!) completely from scratch in the sunny kitchen at our shop in Ballard. Our ice cream contains NO factory-sourced ice cream "base" and ZERO industrial stabilizers.

Parfait ice cream is made with organic milk from Smith Brothers Farms, cage-free eggs from the Willamette Egg Farm, organic fair-trade cane sugar, and local, certified organic produce. We even have a working herb and berry garden outside our shop, where we grow all of our own mint, rosemary, lavender, and some of the berries for our ice cream. Truly FARM-TO-CONE! Please call or visit our shop to see which flavors we currently have available:

vanilla bean: made with real Madagascar vanilla beans from the Cooks Vanilla Company

dark chocolate: made with organic, 70% cacao, from our friends at Theo Chocolate

butter toffee crunch: house made hazelnut toffee churned into our vanilla bean ice cream.

chocolate peanut butter cup: house made organic peanut butter cups churned into our dark chocolate ice cream.

caramel brownie swirl: sweet cream ice cream swirled with caramel sauce and house made fudge brownies.

coffee with housemade oreo: made with coffee beans from True North Coffee Roasters, and house made oreo-like cookies

mint stracciatella: made with real spearmint from our garden and dark Theo chocolate.

local honey: sweetened with Pacific Northwest honey.

meyer lemon: made with Birch-Hill Orchard's delicious and aromatic organic meyer lemons.

rosemary almond brittle: made with rosemary from our garden and crunchy house-made almond brittle.

cacao nib blackberry ripple ice cream steeped with Theo Chocolate cacao nibs, and rippled with a blackberry swirl

matcha green tea: made with organic culinary matcha from the Mizuba Tea Co.

earl grey tea: steeped with real, aged-bergamot earl grey tea leaves.

milk chocolate fire: milk chocolate ice cream steeped with cinnamon and cayenne.

toasted coconut: creamy coconut ice cream with fresh, organic coconut flakes.

chocolate chip cookie dough: sweet cream ice cream with house made chocolate chunk cookies

rosewater raspberry ripple: rose scented ice cream rippled with house made raspberry sauce

lavender caramel: made with fresh lavender from our garden swirled with house made caramel sauce

orange blossom apricot ripple orange blossom ice cream rippled with apricot sauce made with fruit from Tonnemakers Farms

local strawberry: made with juicy red strawberries from our garden and Skagit Valley's Hayton Farms.

farmstand blueberry: made with local blueberries from our garden and Hayton Farms

blackberry beauty: made with Hayton Farms' gorgeous organic blackberries.

peaches & cream: made with the ripest local peaches from Tonnemakers Organic Orchards.

pumpkin spice: tastes like pumpkin pie in frozen form.

cinnamon stick: steeped with real cinnamon bark for spicy-sweet perfection.

ginger snap: fresh ginger ice cream, with dark molasses gingerbread cookies.

white chocolate peppermint: peppermint ice cream with white and milk chocolate flakes

egg nog: rich and creamy with fresh nutmeg, vanilla, and winter spices.

orange creamsicle: fresh and sweet. tastes like childhood.

blood orange sorbet (vegan): tart and sweet and beautiful to boot!

dark chocolate sorbet (vegan): made with organic coconut milk for a creamy smooth full-bodied texture.

apricot sorbet (vegan): made with ripe juicy apricots from Tonnemakers Organic Orchards.

cherry cordial (vegan): made with tonnemakers farms cherries, organic coconut milk and Theo chocolate flakes

raspberry sorbet (vegan): made with ripe read raspberries from our garden and Hayton Farms.

pear sorbet with vanilla (vegan): with Tonnemakers organic pears and Cooks Madagascar vanilla

pluot sorbet (vegan): a plum-apricot hybrid. tangy and sweet.

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