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We proudly make all of our delicious ice cream, sorbet, cones, brownies, butter toffee, peanut butter cups, and sauces completely from scratch. We offer our own elegant versions of classic ice cream flavors, with a variety of fruit and specialty flavors rotated through the menu according to the season and our inspiration.

Vanilla Bean Our vanilla has a delicate and complex flavor because we infuse our ice cream with only real organic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans from Nielsen-Massey. We believe using real beans is worth the added effort and expense. Once you taste it, we think you will, too!

Decadent Chocolate Our chocolate ice cream has that rich, melted-chocolate-bar taste because we melt lots of real chocolate into our custard. We use a delicious 66%-cacao organic chocolate from the TCHO bean-to-bar chocolate company in San Francisco.

Butter Toffee Crunch We make our own butter toffee, coated with dark chocolate and Turkish hazelnuts, and then add generous chunks of this delicious confection to our vanilla bean ice cream.

Mint Stracciatella Our mint doesn’t taste like candy canes, but rather fresh mint, straight from the garden. That’s because we steep our custard with real organic spearmint leaves from Marigold and Mint. Our delicate, chocolate flakes are made using TCHO organic chocolate and traditional Italian methods.

Fiorè French Roast True coffee lovers will appreciate that we have chosen the finest locally roasted beans from our favorite organic coffee shop, Caffè Fiorè. Careful steeping methods results in a velvety coffee ice cream with robust flavor and no bitterness.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup We make our own organic dark-chocolate peanut butter cups, chop them into hearty pieces and abundantly add them to our Decadent Chocolate ice cream.

Fleur de Caramel A traditional French caramel with a silky texture and beautiful amber color. We use just the right amount of genuine Fleur de Sel to bring out the deep caramel taste. Neither overly salty nor cloyingly sweet.

Ballard Bee Honey It doesn't get more local than this...the incredible honey from the Ballard Bee company is harvested right here in the urban neighborhoods of Seattle! This ice cream has an amazingly smooth texture and highlights the very distinct and delicious taste of Ballard Bee honey.

Meyer Lemon Imagine the same sweet and tangy goodness of lemon curd frozen into a smooth and creamy ice cream. We use Meyer lemons, which are thin-skinned and delicately perfumed.

Cinnamon Stick We use real organic cinnamon sticks to create this spicy-sweet ice cream. Delicious paired with other desserts, or stands alone in a cone!

Earl Grey Tea We steep our custard with generous amounts of real earl grey tea. We have chosen Numi brand organic because the aged bergamot provides a refreshing hint of citrus and a rich tea flavor .

Milk Chocolate Chai Tastes like really good Mexican hot chocolate with an added level of complexity and spice from ginger, cardamom, and pepper.

Toasted Hazelnut A sumptuous, creamy flavor with the added crunch of toasted organic Turkish hazelnuts.

Orange Star-Anise Feeling nostalgic for that creamsicle of your youth? Try Parfait’s grown up version. Sweet and creamy citrus balanced with a hint of licorice. Enjoyed by children of all ages!

Alm Hill Farm Blueberry We use organic, local blueberries to make this spectacular, seasonal flavor. Get it while you can!

Blackberry Beauty Plump organic blackberries from Hayton Farms give this summer flavor its farm-fresh taste and gorgeous color.

Pumpkin Spice Tastes like pumpkin pie in frozen form. A delicious fall and winter treat.

Toasted Coconut Creamy coconut ice cream with fresh, chewy coconut flakes

Tiny's Organic Nectarine The perfect summer flavor -- both creamy and refreshing. We use delicious, local nectarines from Tiny's Organic

Pear w/Vanilla Sorbet (Vegan) Local, organic pears, with Madagascar vanilla bean and a hint of Meyer Lemon. Tastes like the fresh fruit because it is! (Vegan)

Raspberry Sorbet The ripest local, organic raspberries give this sorbet a sweet, tangy flavor, and a stunning, bright pink color

Apricot Sorbet Just the right balance of tangy and sweet. We use the ripest organic apricots from artisan grower Jerry Pipitone.

Chocolate Coconut Sorbet (Vegan) So creamy you won't believe it contains no dairy

Deep Dark Chocolate Sauce Our signature rich, dark chocolate sauce. All organic with no corn syrup. Serve warm over our ice cream...if you can resist eating it straight from the jar with a spoon!

Vanilla Bean Caramel Sauce Our full-bodied amber caramel sauce is infused with organic Madagascar vanilla beans. Silky smooth, wth a deep caramel taste.

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